Radio Quarantine -Best of Jazz Hop | The Jazz Hop Conspiracy, Vol. 3

2020 Youtube Mix from S1X Music

Trying to keep it low key, cool and steady and easy with a triphop/jazzhop vibe today. This one works. It’s Election Day and the infection is bubbling up. People are tense. My recommendation would be to take it easy because the outcome isn’t likely to be good for those on the side of moving the world forward into… kindness. Into equality… I don’t know how to better phrase that. Everyone has to be in it for the long haul because the guys in the American Taliban trucks seem to have a lot of energy. They really seem to enjoy the ugly. That’s what we’ll have to contend with no matter who comes out the winner on the other end of the election spin cycle.

I’m just trying to stay relatively chilled. This helps.

These are all bangers right from that first one from the Slovenian kid, JK Soul.

Stay strong. Remember to breathe. See you all on the other side.

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