Radio Quarantine – Be Forest: Knocturne (2019)

A break.

A musical interlude on an Election Night when rather than watching results coming in I’m sitting in bed in my briefs watching some of the more obscure zombie apocalypse movies. The last, ANTISOCIAL, is a 2013 film about a virus spread on social media that restructures the brain and turns people into homicidal lunatics. It’s not quite as bad as the Rotten Tomatoes reviewers make it out to be, but it’s cute. Especially given that it is now known that social media is designed to reprogram the brain around validation and rewards, and has been known to poison people with enough information to create paranoia and even violence.

Hello Election Night 2020… I wonder how many people are following the updates and outcomes in a social media “newsfeed” and not a traditional media outlet.

Fuck Election Night.

BE FOREST is from Pesaro, Italy, hometown of one of my favorite ‘new’ bands, Soviet Soviet. There is apparently a hell of a music scene there. What would you call them? Dreampop? Shoegaze? Coldwave? Post-punk? I can’t really find a point of comparison with them. I know I like them a lot. Knocturne is their 3rd full length release and I have listened to the others but this is my favorite.

I do feel a bit dim tonight and it’s reflected in even the sentence structure above. I’m feeling a little uneasy, like waiting for the next boot to drop. It’s probably an appropriate emotion given that there are streets around town where everyone is boarding up their windows, preparing for a rage. That’s a rage that’s bound to come but with an odd sense of regret I have made a conscious decision not to be a part of. Save the justifiable anger for those more mature and better capable of dealing with it. Home sounds perfectly fine to me.


My dog.


Zombie films.

News at 6.

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