Radio Quarantine – Crypto Order: Instilling Obedience (October 2020)

CRYPTO ORDER dialing in from Italy with another banger a couple weeks ago, though it’s taken me a couple weeks to catch up. There’s been a lot going on. There’s been an awful lot going on, but this is still the perfect soundtrack for 2020. Like previous releases, Instilling Obedience captures the fear and claustrophobia.

The anxiety of a world exposed for the bedlam that it is…

It’s really that simple.

Despite that yesterday, with Donald Trump losing the election, felt as positive and hopeful as it’s felt in a long time, we are still in a very very bad place. It was a pleasant pause, but doesn’t dismiss that over 70 million Americans, family and neighbors and all that, fought tooth and nail to keep a bizarre, foaming tinpot in power. You could take the glass half full scenario and say that more voted against him and that wouldn’t be invalid but it doesn’t make the others go away. It doesn’t erase the truth of truckloads of freaks with automatic weapons bouncing around seeking… well, what are they seeking? Some sort of twisted moral certainty? The irony that they would follow an immoral… well, let me correct that to amoral… petty, insecure pathological liar as a path to moral certainty doesn’t escape many people, but they did. And we’re stuck with them.

But it was never as safe as we believed it was before him, and it will all move along under it’s own momentum long after him. Simple truth. Not negativism. Just plain and simple truth. It’s a juggernaut, bigger than all of us now, this Chaos Beast.

And there is a soundtrack to capture the feeling.

Still, there were people dancing in the streets joyously all over the country yesterday. There were open celebrations in streets in London and Paris. The Biden/Harris win resonated all over the world. It was infectious. I went out to Union Square, and to Barclay Center, and to Grand Army Plaza. The celebrations grew and grew and it got into me as well. No immunity here. I danced. I laughed and shouted and allowed myself to feel some hope. Cautious hope but still.

Moving onward now.

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