COVID-19, part 77 – Kinemortophobia

So we are nearing the end of November and I’ve spent a good part of the last eight months binge-watching zombie films and television and listening to techno (for the first time in my life). It’s hard to say if there is any connection between the two but who knows? I’ve always enjoyed both but there is probably a link somewhere, if only in the desire to experience something akin to the strange sci-fi vibe that the world has been cast into.

I used to have nightmares about zombies even as I never spent many of my waking hours dwelling on the subject, aside from when the movies were on. There’s a word for fear of zombies and I’ve just learned it today: KINEMORTOPHOBIA

There’s a rise in interest in zombie fiction in times of socio-political unrest, according the the linked article. That makes perfect sense to me. Zombie fiction always portrays a social and/or government breakdown. It’s the narrative collapse I keep mentioning and posting links about. It’s about how we adapt and may develop a new sense of ourselves during times of strife. It’s how our values and morals become more circumstantial and flexible. It’s why ignorant bastards get into fistfights over toilet paper while they’re on stockpile panic runs to Walmart.

Consider this a sort of intro to a theme that will be ongoing at least as long as the pandemic is ongoing. The zombie theme discusses breakdowns and desperation moves and group-thought and mass panic. It’s the perfect metaphor for a lot of what we’re seeing. I’ve been thinking lately about the difference between fast zombies and slow zombies. Scores of articles on these variations have been written. For my own purposes it might be as simple as the difference in the power bases of our two main political parties. We have the fast zombies, who are the rage-Zeds in the Republican camp who are still doing this panic-shopping, smash and grab against us. Then there are the slow zombies on the mainstream Democratic field. They are more easily managed but that doesn’t mean there is no danger. Even progressives underestimate them but make no mistake; they are still feeding on us.

See, it’s easier to get a shot to the head on this second group, but they are still after you, and there is an awful lot of them.

We’re not out of danger yet.

Anyway… stay tuned here.

Pandemic days.. This is part 77 but it could easily be part 277 and probably would be if I didn’t get bored with the whole thing so easily

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