Radio Quarantine – Club Music/Chicago Research

I’m throwing these EPs up this morning because they feel they go together. It just makes sense.

They’re all on the CHICAGO RESEARCH label, a relatively new outfit that describes themselves as more a collective than a label and all released in 2019 and 2020. You know those years; it’s the future. It’s evidently the work of dj/producer Ariel Motto whom I presume is featured on the covers. Her sound vision is… not quite techno and not quite industrial… maybe a mash-up of the two. Again, genre names don’t interest me so much. The only reason I struggle with them is to try to offer some point of comparison for existing sounds. Even that, who the fuck really cares? Go into any form of art in any medium with an open mind and see what it does for you. Move on if it doesn’t work.

Where are we? It’s the beginning of Thanksgiving Week. The CDC and the government have issued travel warnings that people are largely balking against. Someone on the news said it well: The family dinner table on Thanksgiving is not your safe zone.

No, it’s not. Not if everyone has traveled in from all over with the number of cases hitting records in more than a dozen well-populated states. Rural hospitals have run out of beds too so it’s not just the big cities. You can’t tell people a damn thing though. They feel entitled to these “special moments.” And people are understandably weary, but the other saying that’s come into fashion, for very good reason is, “Just because you are over COVID-19, that doesn’t mean COVID-19 is over you.”

Well said, Dr. Fauci. He did offer in a very charming fashion though that Santa Claus is immune to the virus to nobody needs to worry about him spreading it all over the world.

It doesn’t mean much to me, this Thanksgiving. There is no shortage of things that I am thankful for on a daily basis but the holiday doesn’t mean much. It would be nice to see people and there have been spells of loneliness, but not severe enough nor often enough to trump common sense. My health is probably better than that of most 59 year old men despite whatever these strange maladies have been but age alone puts me in the high risk group. Many of the people I know are the same age or older, and a few have compromised immune systems. Maybe it’s for the best that my germs stay with me, you know?

But it will be a long winter. It was a bit chillier yesterday and most of the leaves are off the trees or hanging up there dead. There was a stiff breeze and gray skies. The weather drove home that mobility will be more limited for the next few months. It’s time to get centered and focus on meditation and writing and housework. The time can be spent exercising and looking into the next move from here. The living situation is stable enough but the tension is consistent enough that it really isn’t sustainable. Itchy feet are going to drive me on. It really is time to look in earnest to the next stage. That doesn’t mean jumping at the first opportunity but it does mean looking. I can’t walk out of my bedroom every morning taking a deep breath and worrying about what sort of anxiety I’ll be facing. It isn’t, as I said, terrible. It’s just enough to deliver the message home. Time to go.

Speaking of going… it’s time to move forward with the day. It is soundtracked. I’m ready.

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