Radio Quarantine – Super Besse – Un Reve (2020)

SUPER BESSE… Straight Outta Minsk

YouTube has been very good to me in 2020. There is no argument there. Once you have a few key search criteria down it will continue to serve up fire. You just have to know where to jumpstart a mood or a vibe. It’s fairly certain this one came up because of my affair with Morwan, another Belarus export, but it’s all in the flow. Post-Soviet, post-punk, cold wave etc. Kids these days don’t know how lucky they have it when it comes to access to new sounds. There are almost too many choices, a dearth of plenty, if you will. For those of us who got into music in the 70s though, it’s a goldmine. We would have killed for access to music from every corner of the world. I would have, anyway. This year, 2020, has been musically rich for me.

It’s been another strange week in these United States of Dystopia. Fuckface and company are still screaming about election fraud but it all gets more surreal by the day. Yesterday in Michigan the star witness for the accusers appeared to be very drunk on the stand, while Rudy Giuliani audibly farted while arguing with the state senators running the hearing. It was an off the rails performance all around. That side is just not backing down and Trump has come out and said he won’t attend the inauguration next month, and is rumored to be announcing his 2024 candidacy the same day. One can only imagine what his physical and mental condition will be in four years.

Not to turn this into a political diatribe. I’ve mostly withdrawn from the fray. It’s all too weird and immersion would pretty much guarantee spiritual destruction. It’s too weird for me. It’s so much bigger than I am anyway. There are those better qualified and equipped to deal with it. I’ll stay out here on the fringes where it’s more safe. My time is better spent…

How is my time better spent? That remains to be seen. It’s not carrying on endlessly about this other nonsense though. I need to get out and about some today and work off some energy.

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