Radio Quarantine – Best Music Albums 2020: Post Punk, 80s Style, Goth, Dark Synth, Coldwave

There are a couple dozen album covers in this mix just posted up yesterday on YouTube by GOTHICBOP so I decided to use my own photo. I shot this yesterday in Freeman’s Alley on the Lower East Side. It’s a street art collaboration by @crkshnk and @martiancodeart, two of the very talented regulars about the city streets. Black & white resonates with me in any medium and it’s probably why all my tattoos are a single color and I will continue on that way.

This mix is pretty incredible, a two-hour treasure trove of this year’s best within these genres. Is it leaving out December? Yah, for the most part it is but it is also only part 1 so we can only hope. There have been some great releases in the last few days so part 2 should be killer as well.

I’m not going to fuck around with my own nonsense today but the tracklist on this could be important just in case the video ends up taken down.

00:00 Luz Futuro – Sueños (Falsos Techos) [Spain] Bandcamp:

02:50 The Serfs – Baroque (Sounds of Serfdom) [USA] Bandcamp:

04:42 Then Comes Silence – Dark End (Machine) [Sweden] Bandcamp:

08:53 Baical – The Inner Strife (Funeral Party) [Germany] Bandcamp:

13:41 Bizou – Burn Your Name (Stilllifeburning) [USA] Bandcamp:

17:22 Bootblacks – Nostalgia Void (Thin Skies) [USA] Bandcamp:

20:58 Воздух Окраин – Цепями (Вечность) [Russia] Bandcamp:

24:14 Blind Seagull – Avoiding (Nails) [Russia] Bandcamp:

26:13 Ces Cadavares – Cuerpos Monstruosos (Cuerpos Monstruosos) [USA] Bandcamp:

29:23 Denner – Turbulence (Dreamless Tribulations) [France] Bandcamp:

33:11 Fearing – The Push (Shadow) [USA] Bandcamp:

37:23 Fotocrime – Love Is a Devil (South Of Heaven) [USA] Bandcamp:

41:33 House of Harm – Behind You (Vicious Pastimes) [USA] Bandcamp:

45:52 Iamtheshadow – Always (Pitchblack) [Portugal] Bandcamp:

50:54 Mortal Boy – Kiss Me Poison (Chronoception) [USA] Bandcamp:

54:40 M!R!M – Survive (The Visionary) [UK] Bandcamp:

58:30 Margarita Quebrada – Tu Voz (Luces) [Spain] Bandcamp:

1:02:48 Nurnberg – Zorki (Paharda) [Belarus] Bandcamp:

1:06:04 Prismatic Shapes – Fateful Wish (Deadbeat) [Mexico] Bandcamp:

1:09:26 Proshay – Тьма (Posmotri kak vipal sneg) [Russia] Bandcamp:

1:12:45 Painted Romans – Formation (Heart) [Norway] Bandcamp:

1:18:03 Rain To Rust – Free Fall Into The Night (Stillborn Flowers) [Turkey] Bandcamp:

1:22:28 Sonsombre – Highgate (One Thousand Graves) [USA] Bandcamp:

1:27:46 SÝN – Restos (Circle) [Spain] Bandcamp:

1:31:06 Sara Stuttgart – Surrender (Way Out) [USA] Bandcamp:

1:35:50 Selofan – Zusammen (Partners In Hell) [Greece] Bandcamp:

1:40:48 Somos La Herencia – Injusto (Dolo) [Spain] Bandcamp:

1:44:21 Topographies – False Desire (Ideal Form) [USA] Bandcamp:

1:48:15 Talk to Her – Set Me Free (Love Will Come Again) [Italy] Bandcamp:

1:52:44 Vacíos Cuerpos – Escapar (Doble Mente) [Mexico] Bandcamp:

1:56:37 Vandal Moon – Dead (Black Kiss) [USA] Bandcamp:

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