Radio Quarantine – Sara Stuttgart – Asylum (2020 single)

From the June 2020 release, Way Out… Not one usually to post up singles but the entire album wasn’t available on Youtube. You can find it if you’re interested. Not sure what to make of SARA STUTTGART, whether an individual or a band. I’ll assume the former but it doesn’t matter. The music speaks for her/it/them. Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Shoegaze, Post-Punk, whatever… Anyone reading in this space with any regularity gets the picture by now. One day I’ll throw a monkey wrench in there and post up Kajagoogoo or something.

Or fuck it… I’ll throw up the mix:

I’m feeling lazy today. There are things that must be done but for the moment I’m stuck to the mattress. Don’t judge.

I’m loving these songs though.

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