Radio Quarantine -All Night Vigil, Valaam Monastery

Sometimes there will come a point in a morning, when emotions have been sort of aimless and blurred, that a sound will find exactly what the prevailing mood and feelings are. Something will resonate. I’ll stumble on something and it will be perfect. There is a sound for every emotion, and sometimes sound will trigger emotions we didn’t know we were having or even that they existed.

One of the comments on the video was a claim that it was through listening to chanting from Valaam that a religious awakening came. One would think that there had to be a prior inclination but maybe not. Maybe it was one of these awakened emotions similar to my own. My explanation or rationalization may be different, but why not a spiritual awakening. Whatever works.

This is where my head is at today. There are no words, but there is a sound. There is a vibe. There is a soundtrack.

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