Radio Quarantine -Hammock – Mysterium (2017)

It could be the images in the video, but maybe it’s the music itself. It’s not so much is that it evokes loneliness, but more the memory of having been lonely. There is also a longing for… for open space… but that might be the detritus of being mostly locked in place since March. Ambient music can be that way, and HAMMOCK is no different. It can lock space up in a box or blast it wide open. Mysterium does the latter, and the images definitely add to the effect of the music. It took me by surprise this morning when it seemed like another Doomer Day. If the doomer music portends the end, this is the soundtrack for crossing over when the end of the end has come and there’s nothing at all left.

These videos were put up last month but the album itself is from a few years ago, according to Lord Google the Knower of All Things. Ambient isn’t usually my thing so it’s not surprising that this is the first I’ve heard of it, but… it’s here now. Again, for crossing over.

I don’t know what to say about today. There is nothing, really. If you’ve learned nothing from reading anything I’ve written this year it’s that 2020, and many prior years, turned out nothing like I had imagined. Seems there were surprises for a lot of people and some people did better with that than others. There will come a point during these last few days that the cold rain will set in and that’s how we will all see out the year in New York City. It’s probably not the finale we all expected. Certainly some will gather unsafely in apartments and houses and drink and listen to music and chatter. I’ve no clue where I will be but most likely it will be right here contemplating my next steps and what streets the soles of my shoes will be worn out on. I don’t know. I’m just trying to decide how much it matters.

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