Radio Quarantine -Sujoy Sarkar – Sitting at Strawberry Fields Cause I Met Owsley on the Way 2020

It’s harder some days than others to find the right soundtrack, or to find a match for the vibe/mood of the morning. This may or may not be it but it’s interesting enough to start out with. We’re going to move forward today with SUJOY SARKAR and see where it goes. I’ll run with it.

My mood, or the space my head is actually in, is a lot darker but that should come as no surprise. It’s usually at least shady in between my ears. It’s cloudy with a chance of rain. That could be taken as negative but it isn’t really. It just is. You won’t generally find me walking on sunshine, whooa! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t feel good. There’s a quiet anonymity in rainy days. Everyone walks around on the sunny, breezy days commenting to strangers about how great it is. People can’t keep quiet about it and it makes me wonder if they actually want to share it or if they’re seeking validation that they’re entitled to feel good because the sun is out. Is that horrible and cynical of me?


It doesn’t seem so. The day is what the any day is in spite of our presence in it. I don’t need to externalize and share any reasons for feeling good or to externalize the blame for feeling shitty. But this is quickly turning weird. So…


This is where we’ll start today.

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