Radio Quarantine -Fields Of The Nephilim 1988 Forever Remain Live

Yah, so while we’re on the dusty, post-apocalyptic, spaghetti-western goth cowboy tip, might as well go to the darkest dark, if you will, and go deep into Fields of Nephilim. Theatrics for sure, and while that can be annoying, Carl McCoy and FoN could pull off frightening. They didn’t sound or look like a gang of art school kids that got into their grandmothers’ makeup and funeral formalwear. So yah, this is what was happening in 1988 if you were tired of hair metal and synth-pop. These guys looked like they swaggered out of the dust of the nuclear winter. Not that it’s about fashion, but it kind of is. Pretty doesn’t always cut it. Love songs don’t always make the grade.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the long vampire nights of my 20s. We didn’t even leave the house until 10:30 or 11:00, like we were pre-gaming for a few hours just to make sure it would be dark when we went out. God forbid the light gets in. Sunlight is for hippies… or something.

So my time off is winding down and getting mentally and emotionally prepared to go homewards bound to work weeks is… difficult. No worries. It will happen. Monday morning will come and it will be fine, but transition has never been my strongpoint. It will happen. It won’t officially be 2021 until my eyes open on Monday and my feet fill my boots. Then it’s on and we’ll see what a new year brings. There are concerns.

There are concerns…

A report last night intimated that there are 140 Republican congresspeople who are ready to vote on a new bill turning over the electoral college vote. The popular vote was close enough nationally (not close but close enough) that this could be a problem. There will be plenty of support for this nonsense and should this thing actually happen it could get ugly as hell. Yet as I said to someone on social media yesterday, you can stand on the beach and try to hold back the waves by sheer force of will, your odds are better heading straight in to ride it out. Half of me says oh yah I got this and the other half says fucking hell man I’m too old for this shit. We will know either way in a few days, and then we’ll move from there. No sense hiding in bed in the meantime. Fingers crossed that people won’t be so fucking stupid. There is no evidence that they’re not but let’s see.

Dark music for a dark place. We are in a dark place and the footing is unsteady. But you know something? I’ve been training my whole life for this, so it will be easier for me than for some. It’s all about acceptance, baby. It’s all about acceptance. I’ll surf the wave or get drilled into the rocks but with everything already set in motion it’s not like there is any opportunity to get out of the way.

It could really end up being an interesting week.


It could be quiet and the storm will dissipate with a whimper. I don’t know. There is so fucking much I just don’t know.

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