Museo de la Cuarentena – Boogie

My affinity for and love of street photography isn’t new. There are countless places a regular person with regular resources just isn’t going to make it, so the ability to live vicariously through the eyes and lenses of others is… well, it’s what folks with regular resources have. It’s funny that it probably all started with the romance and glamor and exoticism of magazines like National Geographic. Later on there was Life and Look and they offered new glimpses into the darker side of humanity when they weren’t hung up on glamor and fashion. That’s probably where it started for me, all the grainy, large-scale, full-page black and whites. That’s most likely where it began.

Now years later, it’s still amazing to me that I could get on a plane, were I so inclined and better funded, and travel to places like Belgrade and Moscow to just wander the streets. It may still happen, but until then, there is the work of street photographers like BOOGIE. He seems to capture the images that my eye would be drawn to, but that I wouldn’t have the courage to photograph. Some of his shots seem candid, which to my mind is awfully bold, and others posed. I mentioned recently that I’m still anxious about photographing people on the street and on the trains. It’s an obstacle for sure, but the result of overcoming those obstacles is stunning.


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