Radio Quarantine – Darkwave Playlist

No grand philosophical statements today. Just music. There’s really not so much to say. There is no news that’s significantly new since 24 hours ago. The FBI has identified credible threats of armed attacks against all 50 state capitols as well as the Inauguration next week. I told you before. Welcome to The Civil War II. We’re in a bad place. Anyone who isn’t feeling at least a little bit uncertain this morning isn’t paying attention. Bless their tiny heads/hearts.

Summer 2019 Mix by Children of the Night

No, there is nothing to say. I mean, a person could sit down and think really hard and try to make sense of it or find some meaning in it all but it seems to me that it’s really just very simple. This is what people do. It happened in the Balkans. It happened in Crimea. It’s gone down on every other continent. Why not here? Who can say that we’re any different? Maybe only the really unique part of the strife in America is that it’s not the people with the most to complain about that are causing the problems. Or maybe it’s that way all over. There are always problems. There are always going to be scapegoats, and what is any of this except extreme scapegoating. We got bored with terrorists from the Middle East when the threat turned out to be less than we were told. We got bored with the threat of giant caravans from south of the border, though immigrants will always be targeted to an extent. No, we were done with all of it so we’ve turned on each other.

Hmm… No, I’m not going to expend energy trying to find sense and meaning. That’s like pissing up a rope. Ain’t going to find anything.

But the tracklist:

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