Radio Quarantine -Duality – A Psychedelic Trance Mix (2021)

painting by Tom French

It was the image on this mix, the thumbnail, that drew me in. The driving techno beat is compelling unto itself but the painting is everything. Artist Tom French did a series of paintings and ink paintings exploring the theme of duality. There are split images, mirror images and overlays. What this one in particular drives home to me is that creation (self-creation in particular) and disintegration occur simultaneously. As one side comes into focus, the other falls apart entirely.

The music here is a reflection of my racing mind. I woke that way, or rather it woke me. My body is still idle, but my mind is running 140 bpm. It’s that way sometimes. It’s perfectly okay. I’m happy with it that way.

Mix by Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture


  • E-Clip Vs Flegma – Victory
  • Holon – Ponte Serio
  • Zyce & Gaudium – Son of Night (Shogan Remix)
  • Aioaska & Gipsy Soul – Deepest Level
  • Quantanoize – Acid Moon
  • Antinomy & Genetrick – Invisible Waves
  • Side Effects – Side Effects
  • Solar Waves – Law of Gravity
  • Bionix & IKØN – Psylosophy
  • Vuchur – Oneness
  • Shogan – Revelation
  • SUN (GR) Ft. Sudha – Healing Drop
  • Symbolic & Electric Universe – Science & Spirit
  • Aioaska & Gipsy Soul – Manali Cream
  • Flegma – Chrysalis
  • Sideform – Walking on Water
  • Simon Patterson – Opulence

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