Radio Quarantine – Rosalux – RSX (2016)

This album is about 5 years old now, but ROSALUX, from Bueno Aires, Argentina is brand damn new to me. There’s a feel too it that pulls at me, and this may be my favorite new find so far for 2021. It’s a hiding in the basement sort of urgency, post-punk, shoegaze, doomgaze and all. It’s a dark warning. The following, from an old review at the time of its release:

“Rosalux are from Buenos Aires but create a beautifully ruined sound that could conceivably place them just about anywhere on this trouble-plagued planet of ours. One suspects, in fact…that this fearless little trio has figured out a way to read the scars on our collective heart and translate them into song.” 

It’s the sort of melodramatic text you’d expect to find in a music review but it’s not so far off. They’re doing something special here. They’re painting portraits that are not post-apocalyptic like you hear in a lot of post-punk. It’s kind of… pre-apocalyptic. A warning.

And me, despite that the tensions immediately surrounding have lessened some, I’m standing just outside the basement door, ready to jump back down into the bunker as soon as shit kicks off again. That’s the vibe and this is not melodrama. I’ve shopped in enough for about a month except for maybe extra coffee. If you ever see my with a shopping cart full of coffee you know that I’ve sniffed the air and read the signs and I’m ready to hunker down.

And you’re supposed to laugh right there… maybe.

But no shit, Rosalux is doing it for me. I did a Google search and didn’t really find anything after this release. There is no Wiki-page. Next step is to do a search for the individual members and see what turns up. I’d like to see what they’re up to. Maybe they’ve had a change of heart and they’re doing happy pop songs, or maybe they’re in a bunker. You don’t get much news from Buenos Aires when the US isn’t mucking about with Argentina politically. You certainly don’t turn up a lot on their music scene, but it’s a big enough city that there must be one. I don’t know. I’ve never been. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be any other place than right here unless I take some action and at least find out who will take in an American during a pandemic.

Itchy feet though, and the music and art searches just turn up the heat.

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