Radio Quarantine – Soror Dolorosa: No More Heroes (2013)

The cold wave has dipped in so it’s Cold Wave from France: SOROR DOLOROSA

Corny, right? Whatever. Don’t worry. My taste in music is better than my writing. Most days it is anyway, and this is good. The album cover art might suggest something entirely different but that’s the way it works sometimes. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the breasts.

The weekend is upon me. The cold is upon me. The weird is upon me. There were only a few days of respite from the tsunami of strangeness after Trump got de-platformed from social media. Turns out there are others that almost (but not quite) make him look a lot closer to the stable genius that he claims to be. The wingnut that’s gotten the most attention in the last few days is a ghastly, rich Karen from Georgia that got elected to the House of Representatives. She rose to acclaim in the last few years as part of the Q Anon bunch, promoting conspiracy theories from mass shootings being false flags, to California wildfires being set by satellite launched lasers owned by the Rothschilds. It’s too much to get into all of it. She’s a fucking kook. She’s not alone. Her own colleagues haven’t said a word to denounce her, not that it would be expected. They either believe the same things, or they’re willing to accept whatever it takes to stay in power.

It’s times like this that I miss Hunter S. Thompson. It’s not that there aren’t a lot of talented people speaking out about all this. It’s just that he had the most keen sensibilities on this kind of stuff. He had turned evisceration into a spectacular performance of wordplay and vitriol. It was verbal fireworks. It was demolition, and on occasion, outright nuclear assault. I do miss him. We should be happy for him and anyone else though who doesn’t have to witness all this. I don’t recall a time in my life when the degeneracy sunk to these depths, and that’s saying an awful lot. It was surreal back in the 80s listening to politicians discussing what they deemed to be acceptable losses in a full-scale nuclear war with the Soviets or China. Make no mistake; it was a horrifying part of our lives back then. Acceptable loss? Fully one third of the the population of North America and they would still consider it a victory? Okay then…

In some ways, the fear of nuclear destruction is less insidious than being sentenced to view the somewhat slower decay of rational thought or reason. Being an American these days is to watch everyone you know and care about lapsing into dementia. Those people that you built your entire life with one day have forgotten who you are. They’ve forgotten themselves. Everyone is a stranger.

Stranger danger!

That’s what the political rhetoric reveals. There have always been dire warnings and vile accusations but they’ve become so much more shrill and terror stricken. Huge child sex trafficking rings made of all the world’s political and industrial leaders. A Red Scare ten times louder than it was in the 70s and 80s. Zionist space lasers…

Zionist space lasers.

Someone somewhere must be laughing. I laugh myself most days when I allow myself to forget just a little that this is actually part of our real political discourse. We’re in the midst of a pandemic and some of our leaders are out of their fucking skulls, and you can call them insane and it’s not hyperbole. Hyperbole has almost ceased to exist. Think of the most inane conspiracy theory and it could very well be the foundation of a platform that got someone elected to national office. This Marjorie Taylor Greene has actually posted one social media about the existence of Hillary Clinton pealing off the face of a young woman and dancing around her before drinking her blood.

I shit you not. And seeing as nobody in her party has denounced it yet, it’s pretty clear that they either believe in at least the possibility of its truth, or they are just depraved enough to let the narrative exist in free space as part of a fear driven power base. Hard to say which is worse. No, Hunter S. Thompson is lucky he never had to see all this shit. What would he have said? Well, it’s not that he didn’t pretty much predict it. He probably would have said that we were getting exactly what we deserve. He might have, in a way, been right.

I’m going to concur with Hunter S. Thompson here too. This is all strange enough to deserve mention. but little of it comes as any surprise. Some of the details are fresh. Whoever is writing this story has come up with some new, imaginative twists. The plot line though comes as no surprise. Depravity has been trajectory for decades. All the ugly that’s existed in the back of peoples’ minds has come to the forefront of the national forum. It doesn’t really surprise me. My life to this point has had it’s share of strange, so I feel that in many ways I’ve trained my entire life for this. You can offend me but it’s going to be really fucking hard to shock me. There’s very little I haven’t seen before at some point in some context. There have been a few points though where for some unknown reason, with no evidence that it could happen, I thought we all might take the high road.


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