Radio Quarantine – Jonquera: Darkos (released Dec. 10, 2020)

Blood Painting by Alison Flora

No expectations clicking this one open. I knew somehow from the cover art that it would be heavy but didn’t know if that was going to mean industrial, dark classical, death metal or whatnot. The medieval vibe in cover art can mean a lot of things. JONQUERA packs a lot into this French release from the end of last year. It’s a sort of deep doom medieval ambient vibe. It moves along slowly, but it’s not really what you would call easy or mellow. I don’t know. I think you just have to hear it for yourself. That’s why I post up everything that I do anyway. That and it’s a sort of library for myself, to go back in and wonder through sounds and thoughts. And hey, the cover art by the way, by ALISON FLORA, is indeed a reproduction of a piece painted in the artist’s own blood. She is worth checking out as well. It’s a remarkably unique color palate. I’ve not seen anything else quite like it.

I was going to dismiss the visual art component altogether, but it’s compelling whether or not you know the medium. There’s a familiarity… a visceral deja vu experience.

I’m not being a jerk about this. It’s… unique. I’m going to dig a little deeper at another time, but I’ll just leave that image there with the music.

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