Radio Quarantine -Bruce Roach – Gut

2019 cassette release – Potatoheadz Records

I don’t know why I still bother trying to express any ideas about genres with a lot of the stuff out there. None of the words in and of themselves are accurate descriptors of what’s going on with recording artists like Bruce Roach. The words from the record company may be more apt, and that may just be laziness on my part but read this and then listen and see if it doesn’t work:

“This is Bruce Roach’s “Gut” LP. A noxious journey into cryptic and foreboding soundscapes, all delivered with uncompromising style and humour. Sounds inspired by political, social and existential dread. A navigation through the comedy/tragedy of existence, tapping into the mundane, the chaos and total devastation. At times the attitude of the music is quite jeering, conveyed ruthlessly through menacing EBM/industrial tinged jams. This is contrasted with moments of ambience diverging from hopeful new-age-y synth work to deep and devastating dirges obscured by abrupt sonic diversions. It is snide, sarcastic and neurotic, but in the more personal and quieter moments, there is a sense of conviction, the music becoming a sort of peculiar companion. An unperturbed attitude exists throughout delivered with a cold approach that transcends any obligation to be ‘feel good’ or even logical for that matter. In Roach’s own words “I need to demonstrate the dumb, irrational & atavistic forces that are all around us”. These special recordings are untouched, first takes, capturing those unthinking and authentic moments, rare and pure. It is raw, nuanced and ultimately introspective. Personal music made alone after all is said and done. Expect to be enveloped in buzzing electric bass lines, rudimentary drum patterns, spitting synths and a vexatious sense of humour. We present to you “Gut” – A 40 minute journey into the world of Bruce Roach.”

The irony is that I used to joke that I could die happily if I ever successfully used ‘atavistic’ in conversation, conveying it correctly with the right meaning and context. That only just happened yesterday, so what do I do now? I’m not quite ready to spin off into oblivion so it’s good thing there was no wager involved because it would be time to pay up. Yet today isn’t guaranteed as a full day and tomorrow was never promised, so… If this is the last post then at least I went out with a banger. Something interesting that you may not have come across before. My gift to you.

The tail end of the storm, and they’re naming all storms now so this one is Orlena, is passing through. They’re calling it an extra-tropical front, which is ironic in its own way. Mobility is going to be somewhat limited. It’s a squirrelly feeling being stuck at home, but it will all pass. The storm will pass. Feelings always pass if we let them.

Feelings… ain’t facts. A storm is a fact. Snow is a fact. Feelings are just moments of delusion and illusion. They’re a trick of the light. Get up and do something different and more often than not they disappear altogether and are forgotten. That’s my ‘sage’ advice for the day. Get up and do something different. If that something different doesn’t work then try something else. Really.

Music helps, though this music may not. Insert grimace emoji here.

Laugh, you fuckers. It’s going to be okay.

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