Radio Quarantine -Soko – I Thought I Was An Alien (2012)

Someone in the video comments suggested that SOKO could be the child of Leonard Cohen and Bjork. That’s not so far off at all. It’s weird. These semi-folksy, earnest confessional albums aren’t usually my thing. I may hate it tomorrow. For tonight though it really works. It caught me in a mood.

It’s a strange album, for sure. You can listen to it or not. If you’ve been following along with my quarantine death letter you’re in for a surprise. It’s not my usual fare. Not at all. The headaches must’ve made me vulnerable and extra-sentimental. Hell, it happens. No big thing. And this isn’t a perfect album, by the way. At first at seems like Soko is singing for herself but it doesn’t take more than a few minutes before it’s obvious that it’s totally a performance. I mean, every recording is, right? Even when some sound really, really personal, like this one did at first. There’s a lot of emoting here though. I haven’t decided if it detracts and how much.

But see, that’s just me looking for reasons to dislike this. .I don’t though, and I can’t quite figure out why. Don’t tell anyone, okay?

Shit, these headaches are going to kill me. Try getting an appointment with a specialist (any kind of specialist) in a pandemic. But okay then. Listen to Soko here. I’ll be fine.

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