Radio Quarantine -Thievery Corporation – Saudade (2014)

It doesn’t go further outside my usual listening than Thievery Corporation, but there you go. It cannot be said enough. It’s all about finding the vibe or mood that works, and Saudade is working, for now. Another night of broken sleep and pain but here it is morning and things are deceptively peaceful. Another week is nearly gone. Another month is just about over. February was a blink. It was a stutter in time. Had I kept no daily (nearly daily) record it might seem as if it never happened. It’s almost surreal. Maybe a break in routine would slow the movement.

This album is a good reminder. If there’s a specific feeling that can be felt, it can be put to music. What is music anyway? It’s the mathematical patterning and mapping of emotion, so that emotion can be recalled and repeated and shared with others. It’s curating feelings. Under some circumstances, even I would consider this background sound, but that’s cruelly dismissive of both the album and background sound. They’re bot engaging and meaningful in the right context.

This doesn’t exactly inspire me to engage with the responsibilities of the day. Everything will get done though. It will all get done. What I wouldn’t give though to have a true escape! What would that entail? What would it require aside from that all elusive bottomless bankroll? I’m not one of those people that will say I need to be busy to be happy. My brain is busy enough to keep things going.

But speaking of responsibilities.

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