Radio Quarantine -LUNACY – Just The Beginning (2018)

LUNACY… a snippet from the linked site says “deep dystopian vibes.” Yes… That’s a fair enough description.

The tags from Bandcamp:
 ambient electronic future grit industrial-ambient minimal synth shoegaze Pennsylvania

Take any of them at any definition you want, including Pennsylvania. They’re all accurate enough. It’s hard to find much information beyond that. It would require sifting through a Google search which lists any number of other musical acts/artists of the same name, and it is a compelling enough name that there are quite a few. I’m going to stick to the music though.

Another weekend down. Another work week begun, almost. Another hour or so to go, or right now were I so inclined but I don’t exactly feel ready. Ready may not happen today, but I’ll do it anyway.

Ready or not, here I come… Sleep didn’t come last night but Monday came rushing forward, not even waiting to ask if I were prepared.

(Narrator: He wasn’t prepared.)

It’s lunacy, but with a capital L.

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