Radio Quarantine -French Post-Punk / Coldwave Collection Vol1

2021 YouTube Mix by CRYLLIC

Nobody does disaffected like the French. Not the mechanical chill of the Germans but… what’s the word? Ennui? I don’t know. It’s not that it’s without emotion. It’s more of a just done with all this vibe.

Just done with this… Not exactly where I am but I’m prone to those spells from time to time. My salvation is being easily distracted. Like a child, it doesn’t take a lot to excite me. For me to forget that I was just done with it ten minutes earlier. This isn’t a confession. It’s just a statement of fact.

Some of these people that put up these mixes really take the next step and where live video doesn’t exist put together a gallery of truly compelling images. This particular mix is exceptional in that regard. I’m envious. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’ve taken painstaking efforts to put together mixtapes, but finding the images like this… it’s impressive. I’m going to have to feed my own creative urges soon. Simply cataloguing images and music mixes isn’t scratching that itch. Just a note here. A to-do list. Try harder. In the meantime, the tracklist:

  • 0:00​ Elise Cabanes – Loup Garou
  • 2:59​ Opéra De Nuit – Ami ! Amant !
  • 6:35​ A Sordid Poppy – Inside The Line
  • 12:01​ The Umbrella – Endless Bore
  • 15:20​ Opera de Nuit – invitation
  • 19:05​ Ultimatome – Repliquants
  • 22:29​ Curse Of The Vampire – Nightmare
  • 26:14​ The Cemetary Girlz – Reflection?
  • 30:13​ Opéra De Nuit – Possession
  • 35:40​ Meager Benefits – No Regrets
  • 37:58​ Spleen XXX – Her Hair
  • 42:13​ Night Train To Nowhere – Fire In The Pandora’s Box
  • 45:39​ Zero Divide – Scénario
  • 49:34​ Passions Mortelles – My Beautiful Dream
  • 53:32​ Opéra De Nuit – Amour Noir
  • 59:18​ Berlin 38 – Guerre après guerre
  • 1:02:02​ AVALE – Béton armé
  • 1:04:54​ Jeff Clark’s – Romeo And Juliet

There isn’t a single act on here that isn’t entirely new to me. That’s rare.


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