Radio Quarantine -NOVY SVET – Cuori Di Petrolio (Hau Ruck! / 2000)

Cuori di Petrolio… Hearts of Petroleum/Oil… I wish I knew exactly what they meant by that but even when the words/lyrics can be translated, the intent and context don’t always cross the barrier with it. The music seeps easily from end to end. The words, not so much.

Another from Vienna and Novy Svet.

A few hours in and feeling only slightly better. Could it be side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine? Perhaps, but none of the symptoms feel unfamiliar. Then again, going down the list of possible and/or reported side effects, none of those are unfamiliar either. Who knows? I’ve had worse discomforts that were self-induced, or rather at least side effects of my former hedonist ways and pleasures. This too shall pass, or it won’t. It might be best to stay close to home though. I came very close to passing out on the sidewalk when I was out with the dog this morning. That’s no exaggeration. If whatever this is doesn’t pass shortly then it’s going to have to be attended to professionally.

Not exactly how I would have preferred to spend a Sunday but there is nothing going on today anyway. It’s Easter Sunday in the middle of Passover. Nothing really open for business.

Except emergency rooms, and that felt like where the day was headed at about 7 a.m. So far so good though. I’m torn between sleeping it off and walking it off. I don’t want to be far from home if things go south.

My imminent demise aside, this is another excellent album. Folk-ambient-industrial-noise or whatnot. It’s the right mix of the above, as preposterous as that sounds.

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