Radio Quarantine -NOVY SVET – Venezia (Junges Wien / 2002)

Another visit with NOVY SVET. They are nothing if not compelling. They are what I needed on this Easter morning. What can I say for myself but “he has risen.” Don’t read anything into that. I’m just being an ass. I’m also not feeling well, even having spent the last few days on my back, except for taking care of the dog. When she’s recovered from her surgery more fully it may be time for me to visit the vet. For now, there’s a soundtrack to rest with.

I’m still trying to figure out this Novy Svet. It’s not exactly musical in any traditional sense. There are no categories it falls neatly into. Trying to name it is like watching a basketball roll around the rim of the hoop and then rolling out. No basket. Yet it’s still familiar and almost comforting, though not conventionally beautiful. I’m not feeling at all well this morning but it’s still a comfort. It’s a plodding fever dream set to music. And I need to sign off and close my eyes. My mind is more or less at peace but my body feels like… it feels un-good.

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