Radio Quarantine -Planety – Peklo, peklo, ráj (2012)

Planets: Hell, Hell, Paradise…

Czech Republic, 2012… It’s a mood. It’s a vibe. As Always. Straight up sort of shoegaze, dreampop. No surprises, except that PLANETY didn’t cross over to the rest of the world. Maybe the language barrier kept them firmly in place? Hard call, but like the review linked above said, this is a special album.

I was wondering last night if there’s something about Eastern Europe, a cultural zeitgeist that’s already crossed over here. I don’t know ethnic origins of most American bands so it’s difficult to make a connection. Did the ancestors of American bands bring something with them that translates to the music they’re making now? It would make for an interesting study but my inner anthropologist will probably never be satisfied with these questions. North to South though, the Eastern part of Europe resonates with me, but it could just be that I’m digging for specific sounds and that I’m entirely off base. Again, a really hard call. I just know what I like. I like Planety a lot.

I’ve made it past mid-week and now into mid-month in April. Time is still blasting forward in fits and starts. It’s hard to recall what day it is but all the electronics say Thursday, April 15, 2021. They all agree on that much. How we got to this day is uncertain, but here we are. Work is good. I’m grateful to still be working when so many people haven’t been called back to a steady paycheck. Work also keeps me from lapsing into the anti-gravity chamber of time. It anchors me in place day by day. Still, the pace that time is rattling onwards at is unsettling. Go to sleep on a Friday and wake up on a Monday. Go to sleep again and it’s the following Monday. Then a little slower. Then BOOM! It’s another month. Totally unsettling. These posts on here are kind of like scratches in the concrete walls of a prison cell, marking the days. They’re the only record right now that I have been here. It’s been a strange ride. It’s a wormhole.

It’s funny… it’s like walking through IKEA. Someone might have a plan but you turn one blind corner after another and with each turn end up someplace else.

That’s a joke, son! LAUGH! I said LAUGH, SON!

Okay, enough corny jokes for now, or one more maybe. I’m going to Czech out.

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