Radio Quarantine – SOVIETWAVE, DOOMER, POST-SOVIET SYNTHPOP, RUSSIAN POST PUNK [New Dark Music (NDM)] (April 9, 2021 Mix by Gothic Bop)

This is a deadly mix. I didn’t choose it. The YouTube algorithm served it up on the basis of the other Sovietwave mixes. There are a few familiar tracks and some others entirely new to me. The vibe is just… perfect… for me.

I did manage to make it out for a bit yesterday evening and it helped. No mystery. Sometimes it’s just cabin fever. Always been that way and I don’t know what I’m going to do when mobility declines. Best to take advantage now though while it’s possible. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Hell, later today isn’t promised. We get what we get.

Shy of words today in Radio Quarantine. It doesn’t matter. There is no compulsion to speak. There is nothing to explain.

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