Radio Quarantine -Marcotulli / Erskine / Danielsson – Trio M/E/D (2015)

Something different today for a change, quite by accident, clicking on interesting images until the right sound followed and this was it. Jazz, I suppose. Yes, jazz. Why not? Piano, bass and drums. Admittedly, I avoid a lot of jazz trios. It’s often too polite for what I’m feeling. There are associations too personal to get into. This is a vibe though. It’s a mood. It’s a mood especially rare for live albums. It’s a vibe captured on tape somewhere in 2014 in Italy. It seemed to be right for this morning too.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s a live album and don’t get me wrong. The recording is superb and when the music is playing it sounds like a studio album. Also, live albums used to mean the world to me. There was an energy. There was that “I wish I was there with those people screaming” energy. Now, in between the songs it’s other people making noise and I want them out of my house. I wish I had the writing chops to express here that I’m laughing at myself as i register that crabby, old man reaction. GET OFF MY LAWN! I want dead air between the songs.

But… but… oh my god the music. It’s what I needed and I found it, just from the willingness to click a compelling image. Thank you Godz of the Intertoobz!

My quarantine space is a bit topsy-turvy lately. Things are opening up though and what has been a safe space is going to fade into the ether as daily life changes again. It’s long past time for change anyway so we’ll see what coming months bring. I’m going into the office this afternoon and I’ll see people I haven’t seen face to face in more than a year. There’s a sort of low-key buzz at the prospect. It’s the happiness of seeing them and doing something different. It’s a weird sort of trepidation of seeing them and doing something different because there is a bigger picture. The world is switching up again, and very soon, as we all knew it would. Are we prepared?

Am I prepared?

Fuck it. I’ll get over it.

I’ll make promises to do things differently so it’s different and better than before. I’ll break most of those promises. Then I’ll be okay.

That’s what I do. I get by no matter what.

Radio Quarantine in 2020 taught me what I really already knew, and that’s that I’m kind of an introvert. People are just fine in controlled doses and where they’re not it’s not them mostly. It’s me. Social interaction takes a lot out of me so I’ve learned to be selfish with my time and take time out for myself when needed. I’ll do it again.

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