Radio Quarantine -Release The Bats – Ever Pleasant Smile… (1986)

Every so often you come across an album that’s not treading new ground at all, and may even be called copycats or derivative, but it’s still a great fucking album anyway. You get a sound that’s sort of The Damned meets Black Sabbath, and they’re named after a song by The Birthday Party… so here you have Release The Bats. And they’re great. It doesn’t seem that they had any kind of longevity, maybe one album. What more do you need though? I’m glad I clicked on it yesterday. If you’re not going to come up with something new, do the old very well. Cheers.

Not a lot to say today. Just cruising into the mid-week, trying to get ahead of the work load and looking forward to the second Fauci-Ouchie tomorrow. I’m already weary of conversations about side effects and regulations and blah blah blah. I have no intention of changing any of my pandemic behaviors until I’m forced to, even fully vaccinated. Why? It’s not been bad for me. Quite the opposite. It’s been rather okay.

Anyway… Ever Pleasant Smile is making me smile today. It really is like a lost Damned album.

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