Radio Quarantine -Smoke On The Horizon : se faner (2021)

This is another not-quite soundtrack day. Not fully engaged. Not fully disengaged. The music suits the mood. It’s energetic, almost nervous. It’s forceful, but not quite ominous or dangerous. Russian techno? Tyumen, Russia? Where is that? Not exactly in the sticks, somewhere in Siberia, but not cut off from the world by any stretch. That’s evident from the music.

It’s kind of funny. This was posted on YouTube yesterday and I am the 38th, 41st, 42nd and 43rd view. Yes, that is something I keep track of. It doesn’t make me feel special. It’s just curious that really great music doesn’t spread as fast as Covid-19. Some of the best music never goes viral. It did make it to Brooklyn from the other side of the world though, so that’s impressive enough for me.

The best part of this one, for me, is the fat, fat, synth-bass. It’s not going to come across on laptop speakers alone but fed back through a powerful system you get the real, deep bottom end. It caught me off guard. If this doesn’t make you want to move, don’t bother rolling over. You’re dead. End of story.

This is my today. It could all shift gears later on but that’s then and this is now.


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