Murder Alley

Artist GIAN GALANG killing it on Doyers Street on the corner of Pell Street in Chinatown with this mural. Doyers Street was New York City’s MURDER ALLEY or The Bloody Angle as it became the hub of competing Tongs in the first half of the Twentieth Century. It’s still rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of the victims of the turf wars. I passed through today hoping to catch the tail end of Lunar New Year Celebrations, but… no… There was this bright spot though so the trip was worth it. This mural and a bagful of pan-fried fish cakes, kimchi and noodles saved the day. All in all…

No complaints from my end.

My own Instagram feed _macgregordespitethem_ has become a repository, by the by, for photographs of my travels. It’s been mostly street art for the last six months or so. It’s the most vibrant, exciting part of the city during the pandemic. The streets being less crowded has allowed the artists to get out and spread the love. It’s all really helped to keep me mostly level, and certainly made my social media presence more entertaining, at least for myself. I keep thinking that maybe one day I’ll buy a good camera and make a go of it, but it almost seems to make a transition to work at that point. This is more of a scrapbooking hobby than anything, and it’s kept me busy. Not distracted but busy. Distraction implies avoidance and there is noting to be avoided that isn’t better confronted. That’s been rather a hobby as well, this going headlong into obstacles and feelings. I would recommend it. It’s like working out, not exactly fun but the results are great.


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