Radio Quarantine -Twilight Ritual – Rituals (1986)

TWILIGHT RITUAL… Badass Belgium! I guess Belgium isn’t really known here in North America as the source of great music but this duo banged out a sensational EP and two equally fantastic LPs. This is the first time I’ve heard this album in its entirety but singles have turned up here and there in collections and anthologies. This is just a killer from beginning to end, with sick synths and tribal beats. It’s definitely a standout in the coldwave genre. There can admittedly be a lot of sameyness in not just sound, but the whole vibe. Twilight Ritual have their own thing. Someone in the comments mentioned John Foxx but I’m going to disagree there. All due respect to Mr. Foxx, but I’d give this the nod over most of what he did.

It is what it is. Nobody would question it if you said this was a 2021 release, despite the 1980s vintage sound. It’s hot.

On a sidenote, I have made it to Friday evening. It still doesn’t feel like Friday but here we are.

I made it.

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