Radio Quarantine -MACHINO – FRAGMENTOS (May 10, 2021)

This is what jumped out today, after shuffling through some other stuff… some other suggestions. This resonated from the first beats on the first track. It was worth noting above that this isn’t officially released until Monday. It’s brand new, but still familiar. This is one of those cases where I’m just going to go with the description from the producer, Filmmaker, whom I’ve posted here several times and is releasing this EP from MACHINO:

“Body discography is going darker with the incorporation of Glauben Records boss: Machino. LA based electronic producer and live act with multiple style iterations on Techno, Electro and EBM that have been part of quality imprints like Tresor Records, 99cts Rcrds, and X-IMG. This time presents ‘Fragmentos’, an EP full of ruthless industrial wave footwork with thick phantasmagorical ambiences that can be highlighted on Machino’s evolving musical path as one of his most intense works to the date.”

I can’t be bothered sometimes. I’m a music fan, not a music writer. Unless the description seems utterly inaccurate, why not let the artists and the people behind the music tell you what it is. ‘Going darker’ is pretty much calling it what it is. This is gothic horror techno. It’s not what you would call traditional celebratory club music. The vibe isn’t Ibiza. It’s not even London, or New York or Los Angeles. It’s some grainy, post-industrial nightmare soundtrack.

The resonance fits right into some particularly dark dreams I’ve had the last several nights. One specifically stuck with me. I was at Coney Island (in the dream) which is a place that has generally felt like a sort of safe place or refuge for me. It was desolate though and the surf was far up above the usual high tide line, which wasn’t apparent when I got off a bus (I rarely ride MTA buses.). I was skirting the edge of one of the park buildings as the waves lapped closer, trying to keep my feet from getting wet but it was pretty obvious I wouldn’t be successful.

There was no way I wasn’t going to get wet.

There was a sense of danger and doom there that I’ve never actually felt in any obvious way while I was actually at Coney Island. It was no longer a safe place in the dream. It was going to be flooded and maybe swept away.

Pretty obvious interpretation, right? The safe place is no longer a safe place. Maybe it never really was and only felt so. Let’s just keep this short and go with the direct message. The safe place is for whatever reason no longer a safe place. Suss out why and either address it, or make some changes and find a new safe place. Just keep it simple. And just to clarify, I don’t believe that messages from external sources come in dreams. I do believe that things you already suspect or know can come through in clarity in dreams without filters or distractions. A part of my brain and senses with lesser dominance is speaking out on its perceptions. It’s probably not nagging insecurity in this case. I’ve been talking about making changes for a long time. It’s time to decide exactly what those changes will be.

There is a reason that anxious vibes in music and art are resonating with me, and for quite a while now. They connect with something internal. It may not be the juggernaut of doom from this particular record or that one, but even the low-key things build momentum.

Independently of anything going on in my life or my head, this is a great record. It’s fierce. There’s an earthquake bottom end that hits every last nerve. It’s… perfect. For me. For today.

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