Radio Quarantine -YĪN YĪN – The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers (2019)

Man, where do you even start with YĪN YĪN? One of the comments on the YouTube video calls it as it actually is, so that’s probably a good start: that asian cowboy psychedelic surf music stuff!

Yup. The sound is familiar. I’ve got a collection of Vietnamese lounge pop from the 1970s and that sound is there, minus the high-pitched vocals. All the instrumentation is spot on, a kind of pop-funk adaptation that came with the U.S. Army. It recalls what I’ve been told was the sound of Saigon decades ago. There are spacy overdubs of broadcast voices and street sounds. It’s… Well, it’s not the exact sound or type of sound that I was looking for this morning but I keep coming back to it after hearing it a few times over the last few weeks. Sometimes I reach for sounds. Sometimes the sounds reach for me, and that’s what’s happened here. It’s a journey to somewhere that’s not here.

An odd far-off vibe.

A mood.

A tone.

There isn’t a lot to say beyond that. It’s music for people who like to travel through their explorations into pop sounds. It’s music for me.

It’s finally Friday, but after four consecutive Mondays it still sort of feels like Part Five. Or maybe Tuesday. Time has been stretched out this week. That’s not to say that it’s gone slowly. It’s just temporal distortion. In the moment it’s felt endless, but it’s definitely speeding along, the first week of a month gone already. It just hasn’t felt linear.


I really just have to make it through the day and try to get back on the rails this weekend. Just make it through the day.

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