Pandemic Radio: Machine Girl – Phantom Tracks (2015)

MACHINE GIRL back in this space after a year or more. Radio Quarantine, now just full on Pandemic Radio was still relatively new. It seemed back then that Covid-19 would be out of the headlines by this point, but…


Yah, it all seemed novel and strange then but worse than the pandemic itself and talk of a new normal, it’s turned out the new normal is just pseudo-political vitriol. Nobody has come anywhere close to agreeing upon which routines, rules and procedures will keep us safe. Many seem perfectly okay with just saying fuck it and pretending the virus doesn’t exist at all, taking chances and just letting the cards fall where they may. But me?


Don’t ask me. I’ve no answers. I’m no epidemiologist. I know less than ever. I’m just trying to avoid the conversations altogether. It’s been pretty well established what will stop the spread of germs and what won’t so it makes sense to me to just stick with that. Others have their own ideas but nobody is changing anyone else’s mind at this stage. I just want to listen to music and mind my fucking business. Here’s the music. This is the music for today. Machine Girl is doing it. Phantom Tracks works for now.

The ass end of Hurricane Ida shook New York City and the region down last night. There were related tornados reported through Maryland, Delaware and South Jersey. Maybe farther up. The NYC subways were flooded last night, reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy. Things are still largely shut down. I’m sitting here waiting for things to open back up. My train is bollixed. The next closest one is worse. So…

Blah. Nothing I’m saying is making sense this morning. I am just trying to report on the state of the state but I’m bored with thinking about it. I’m wearied with the anger and this time it’s not even my own. People are going to have to understand that this isn’t sustainable. Maybe they just need to punch it out and get it done with.

Leave me out of it.

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