Radio Quarantine -Moscow Olympics – Cut the world (2010)

Swinging down around to Manila as planned. I came upon this a couple days back and didn’t know exactly where to place it. Firstly, it’s a cut well above (to me) even the other brilliant shoegaze bands that were spinning and on deck. Secondly, it’s sort of a different vibe. There’s a lot of 80s… and i won’t say Goth but borrowing bits of the sound… and something else. It’s just different. I had been running a theme and this is just plain different. Let’s place it further into the dreampop side of things than shoegaze.

I’ve no idea what that music scene is like in The Philippines. The population is big and varied enough though, and the range of possible influences so broad with the entire world marching across there at one point or another, that there should be no surprises. I’d imagine anything is possible.

This does suit the mood though.

What’s the mood?

It doesn’t really matter.

It’s been another lazy weekend, just walking around and not even taking many photos. It’s been more about getting what’s on the inside out, rather than bringing anything from the outside in. It’s been about wearing a few layer of rubber off the souls of my shoes and sweating out whatever it is that’s trapped deep in there. It has been about giving it over to the other senses and working other shit out.

Working other shit out.

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