Radio Quarantine -Takashi Wada – Meguro (2004)

Man, sometimes you find the vibe, but often the vibe finds you. That’s really what happened in the last couple days with TAKASHI WADA. A few of the write-ups online call it pop ambient and that covers some of it for sure. It’s accessible, but definitely not in that new age elevator music kind of ambient way. It’s deeper than that. It’s like a low-key techno. There’s glitch. There are jazzy keys. All mellow, but all mixed in there. It’s brought me to earth this morning. It’s brought me to level, after a couple nights of pained, broken sleep and anxiety. Still, it doesn’t come off as chill-out music in a conventional sense. It’s not about creating an alternate space so much as reflecting the space it’s in. Does that make sense? You can decide for yourself.

I don’t know. It makes me feel like a lineman tapping into the wires but it’s not random conversations between people. It’s like listening into the currents themselves. It reminds me of a lot of my mornings here in the city before a lot of people have gotten out of bed to start the day. Everything is still very much alive and moving. It’s just a buzzing. A pulse.

The buzz is almost a match for the warm spring weather over the last few days. There have been a lot of people out and moving about. I can’t really say that every is filled with that spring renewal vibe so much as it feels like a desperate vibe. Everyone seems to be trying very hard to act and look hopeful and positive but there’s a lot going on. Nobody can really be blamed for fake it ’til ya make it attempts. They’re not being phony. They’re just being… fearful. Lowkey fearful. But there is a buzz as people move about and at some point they will smile and laugh and it won’t be so forced. Everyone is trying.

Me? I haven’t changed much yet. I haven’t really felt solid in a physical sense. That was kind of predicted. I was told there would be days. These are those days. Then there is the lunacy around me. That’s got to change and it could just be others’ madness wearing me down. I won’t know until I get away from it.

I’m sustaining though. I’m maintaining. I’m tapping into the buzz in the wires and letting myself be carried away in that. I’ll be okay until I’m not, just like everyone else.

Me and my old dog…

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