Radio Quarantine – Crystal Warmth : Shroud of Darkness (May 15, 2021)

A brand new release, five days old, from CRYSTAL WARMTH, whose name might imply something a lot more light and airy or even new agey. That couldn’t be further from their truth, at least not on this album. This brings only a dark, industrial, short-circuited electronic offering to the table. That’s not to say it’s what anyone might label industrial; there’s none of that pounding, but let’s just say it’s an inorganic sound. It’s an electronic, industrial future when all the other space has been used up.

But it’s not exactly heavy either. There are familiar, earthly sounds, synth strings, and maybe birds. I can’t sort it out.

Back in New York with Crystal Warmth. Are they from here? Is anyone from here anymore? There’s not a lot of information on them. It all just says, New York. What else do we need to know though?

So yes, anyway, back to New York. Maybe I never left. Maybe everything else was just dreaming. Musing. Rambling. Bullshit. I have always been here, or it feels that way. Everything else was just imagining past and future lives.

That’ my morning stretch.

The pain seems to have lifted this morning. There might be a few days or even a week of respite, but I’ll be happy with a few hours. You take what you get. Knowing that the removal of pain is not the same as pleasure, this still feels like pleasure. The music is really just fucking beautiful. I had it on the big bluetooth cinder block yesterday evening and the low bass drone made it feel like all the atoms in the room were moving. Of course atoms are always moving but this was at a palpable level. You can’t ask for more from music. That’s how it should be.


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