Radio Quarantine – DEPRESSED: 2018 Post-Rock Mix by Worldhaspostrock

Some clarification may be necessary here – I am not depressed, but the image chosen by the curator of this mix is pretty compelling. It’s also interesting, having my own depression playlists, those certain songs that help me ride through depression, to see how others express their emotional condition through music. This mix pretty much nails it though. It’s not that it’s mopey, self-centered, melodramatic bullshit. It’s just a mood. The bands represented are all new to me, but prior knowledge would have put them front and center on any of my own gray days. We all have gray days. The comments on the Youtube page here, if you click out for that view, are very telling.

A few days away from a holiday weekend now with no plans and nobody around me talking about making plans. It’s kind of sad, in a way. The internet introvert meme holds true. It’s not that i want to go to your party but it would be nice to have invitations to turn down.

LOL. Hahaha. ROFL. Insert emojis here.

It’s a little creepy, honestly. The city is definitely opening back up. Prospect Park was jammed and jamming over this last weekend. Restaurants are doing good business with indoor and outdoor dining. Bars are teeming with celebrant survivors of what’s been a very long 1+ year. Fourteen months?

And very typically for northeastern weather, the forecast is for temperatures to drop and periods of rain. That’s a very standard Memorial Day Weekend outlook here. You just have to laugh.

My own return to the 9 to 5 world is a few weeks away now. There will be no more long mornings of meditation and melancholic music. Maybe the novelty is wearing off anyway but it would be a lie to say it’s going to be an easy readjustment. Not that it’s been all smooth sailing here either through all these mornings and days and weeks, but there is a long list of the stresses of “normality” that will be back in my life. Navigating the bustle of urban life has never been… enjoyable. I don’t know. We’ll see. It will be a change and change is good. The novelty of all this, as stated, is wearing thin. The hermit life can’t go on forever, can it?

Can it? Anyway, this is the playlist on this mix:

1. Mon – Try 00:00 2. Hungry Ghosts – Three Sisters 8:45 3. Magyar Posse – V 13:02 4. Johnnytwentythree – Into the Depths 19:38 5. Gemide – Soundtrack 32:22 6. El lenguaje como obstáculo – Amoralia 38:19


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