Radio Quarantine -Plastic Girl in Closet – A.Y.A (2013)

This wouldn’t have been my first choice today. Don’t get me wrong, because it’s a great album but it still wouldn’t have been my first choice. What ends up in this space each morning is really more the result of throwing my mood down a hole as bait and seeing what latches on. Nothing was biting on though so I reached in and pulled this one out. PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET has been part of my regular spin for a few months but they never came up front and center, even through all those Shoegaze mornings. It’s like I said. It’s more about what attaches itself to a mood or a vibe. I keep meaning to post this album anyway and now is the day.

It’s not as light as it can seem on an initial spin-through. There’s a low-key melancholia through all their albums, even with the dreamy vocals and mix. It’s a kind of lost, far-off, semi-disconnected feel. It would be interesting to know exactly what she’s saying, just to see how close or distant the feelings it evokes for me really are. It just doesn’t come across as airy love songs, at least not to me. Who knows? I’d need to find someone who speaks Japanese.

Or who am I really kidding? It’s got to be on Google somewhere. If you can conceive it, it’s already available on Google.

Nothing at all really to say today. It just seems more a day to get shit done. Nothing will stick to a restless soul. I am a restless soul. Maybe that’s why this album works today, more or less. That low-key melancholia does sound restless.


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