Radio Quarantine – FRACTIONS : Violent Eyes (2021)

7:30 a.m. – Prague, Czech Republic… FRACTIONS

I landed on this one specifically because of the image. Is there anyone that isn’t stopped in their tracks by the sight of a broken window? It’s a trigger, isn’t it? It could be an accident, maybe an errant ball. Usually it’s an act of violence, even if just momentary and impulsive and random. There’s a story though and the story is only limited by one’s imagination. There is almost always a story though, and everyone pauses even for just a second and a story unfolds in their heads.

Violent Eyes does speak to the story behind the act of violence that led to the shattered window. It speaks to the impulses that co-exist with all the other emotions that fill a human life. In their own words:

Fractions return to Fleisch for a third time with their debut LP, unleashing eight tracks of highly effective techno-infused body music inspired by the melodrama of French films such as La Haine and Irreversible. With a palette of modernized 90s rave elements they transport the listener on a cinematic ride of contrasts between the explosive and the soothing, through violence and action to love and hope.

So yes, it was the image that brought me to this. Had it been easy vaporwave or some variety of chill-out music it would have surprised me. I knew this one was going dark.

The darkness in anything doesn’t put me off. It’s the dark that makes the light beautiful. It’s the light that makes the dark beautiful. Both shade and shadow everything in between and I am here for all of it. That’s what being fully human and fully aware is. It’s what makes a person complete.

I am here for all of it.

i’ve come to believe that this is what recovery (from anything) is about. It’s about finding the balance between dark and light. It seemed to me at first that the goal everyone was reaching for was some spiritual plain of idiotic contentment and perpetual joy. It all seemed so unrealistic. Maybe that is actually what some people believe the purpose to be. I don’t know what people think. That’s all part of their journey and it’s their business. For me it’s just about balance. It’s just about finding acceptance that there are forces in the universe bigger than us, and that’s pretty much every other force but our own force of will, and all that means is that we will encounter good and bad things that don’t always correlate with any of our own actions. Nobody is being singled out. Bad shit is going to happen. It will make you appreciate the good shit more.

I am here for all of it.

There’s no other place to be though, is there? Not on this side of the dirt.

Monday is one of those things that happen regularly. it’s Monday morning now and I wasn’t really ready for it and it came anyway, bastard that it is, like a taxman. Time to pay. There’d be no weekend though without Monday mornings.

I am here for all of it (my new mantra).

I am here for all of it.

I am here for all of it.

I am here for all of it.


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