Radio Quarantine -She Her Her Hers – Rollercoaster (2013)

I can’t really say that the sort of shoegaze/dreampop jangle of Tokyo’s SHE HER HER HERS is connected to any mood or vibe. It may be exactly the opposite but it seems to be what’s needed this morning. Maybe it’s because it cuts directly through some prevailing heatwave related funk? Who really knows? We take what works. We take what The Universe offers and this is it this morning, and it’s perfect.

It may be time to start writing about movies and television again. There hasn’t been a Small Screen Quarantine entry in ages which is really curious. I’ve watched more television by way of internet in the last year than in the previous ten. There’s been some really incredible stuff too so it’s not lack of quality or thoughtful material. There’s a lot of cheese and schlock as well but even that is worthy of mention in many cases. I’m not sure why I haven’t written about it. There was an hour-long interview with Werner Herzog just a couple days ago that was laden with tinder and fuel, but if you can listen to Herzog for an hour and come away with nothing then you’re probably dead. I don’t know. It could just be about not wanting to think. It could just be about immersion in moving images.

Just thinking aloud here… Summer heat isn’t conducive to deep thought, is it? Or maybe I’m tired of sharing and oversharing. I’ve definitely been oversharing. Maybe someone out there can relate to some of the thoughts and feelings I’ve expressed.

But back to She Her Her Hers. It’s almost a fantasy vibe. I want to be in a convertible on an open road floating on an ocean of pavement and music. I just want the motion. Just the motion. Rollercoaster has a certain kinesthesia but it’s not even a rollercoaster feel. It’s a kind of soaring in a straight line at a very, very high speed. It’s that sort of freedom vibe. No looking back.

That’s what i need when I feel glued to the Earth.

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