Radio Quarantine -Lida Husik – Your Bag (1992)

This one showed up in the algorithms around midday yesterday and it’s been on repeat since. My capacity for words this morning is pretty limited for whatever reason, but when has it ever been about words? LIDA HUSIK is doing something special. How is it possible that I’ve missed her for decades now? It comes down to that old saw, maybe, that you can’t be everywhere at once. That’s not an excuse. I’ve just been whipping around in so many directions for years that I was bound to miss some great events. Your Bag is a great event.

Not much to say this morning. I’ve got to drag my old ass into grimy, old midtown for the day. I actually like working in the office and I’d forgotten how much. It’s a different energy and the people are first rate. The neighborhood (the old garment district above Penn Station) leaves quite a bit to be desired but it’s nice to be up and moving. It’s like street level in Blade Runner or some other dystopian future around there. Just damp grime and filthy. It’s strange that as the city evolves and devolves and goes through all stages of movement, that are just remains the same. It doesn’t look so different than it did 30 years ago. Everywhere else about town would be unrecognizable to a time traveler, save for a few architectural landmarks, but they’d feel at home in time around the west side in the 30s. Maybe not “at home” but it would be familiar. Abe Beame is still mayor in the garment district. The city is still bankrupt. It’s funny in a not haha funny way.

But let’s get off to it. We’re all good.

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