Radio Quarantine – Sewerslvt – Skitzofrenia Simulation (2021)

Again, 2020 was it. Techno… Of course it’s really just a question of personal growth. The lockdown really just happened to coincide with a time of my own expansion intellectually and spiritually. It’s a question of being more open to listen, and not just to music, but to ideas and people. What remains in the ‘anti’ column I’ve doubled down on, and for better reasons than ever but the ‘pro’ column is now pretty vast in depth and breadth. It’s a bigger picture view of the world that goes beyond trivialities of techno vs. traditional rock music etc. It’s not about what I personally identify with anymore. Thank… well thank god, for lack of a better expression.

SEWERSLVT is a lot edgier and harder than a lot of what put me off techno to begin with. Early on, much of it just seemed like Eurovision type electropop with the bpm and volume pumped up. There’s industrial (not the same as Ministry etc), hard techno, dark techno and BREAKCORE, which I guess a lot of this falls into. Skitzofrenia Simulation definitely rings some bells with me. It’s a vibe that I’m more readily drawn into than say an old Chemical Brothers or Crystal Method recording. The vibe is it, really. It’s a mood.

I still don’t see myself ever going to a club/rave and jamming out to this, but maybe… Who knows? It’s not a question of age. It’s more about how I engage with music. But again, maybe. If I did, it would definitely go toward the harder side. I’ve already got old house music for the celebratory, church-y moods and that will always come first there. But then there is this… would I? Who knows?

On the very real day to day tip, we’re officially into summer now with the solstice and such. There has been a heatwave. I’ve sweated it out here. I’ve commuted, and now the month of June is nearly gone. July is around the corner and typical for me I’m dreaming of a chilly, quiet autumn already. That’s me. Im going to need to slow it down and embrace the days now and the ability to get out and about.

Not now though. Now is about work. Just work.

Just work.

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