Radio Quarantine – R-27 – Activity 1987-1988 (Polish Underground, Free-Rock/Improvisation/Experimental)

The owner/author of the ARCHAIC INVENTIONS blog has consistently and reliably posted the rarest of recorded gems… I’m somewhat awed at what he’s mined from the recesses of the music world. R-27 is no exception. Where does he even find this stuff? I mean, the obvious answer for this one is Poland but it’s one after another after another. It’s usually extremely limited, cassette only releases from small labels, often recorded in bedroom studios and living rooms. I can’t even conceive of how some of these recordings have survived all this time. I’m not going to even try to describe R-27, except maybe… no, I’m not going there. I can’t tell if this better recalls a distant future or a very distant past. It’s mind-bending.

I won’t lie either; when I see something has been put up on Youtube and only the day before, and it’s still got less than 200 views in a world of billions, I do feel like I’ve been invited into a secret clubhouse.

But seriously, I have to just stand and salute the AI author who is digging this shit up. Who are you? Are you visiting from the future?

Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!

Okay, I’m going to just listen.

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