Radio Quarantine – Slow & Heavy Dub Volume 2 (Late 70s – Early 80s mix)

May as well bang up Volume 2 here, done by the same person that posted the last one on Youtube. There’s no tracklist here because of some international copyright thing, but it’s not really all that important unless you intend to start collecting the records. I’m lucky enough to have a few of the singles but not in mixes that are as consistent as these. There’s nothing else I want to listen to when the weather goes and gets sticky and tropical. It sets a pace appropriate for the climate.

It’s strange to me that while reggae has always crossed over to quite a few white listeners, many of them rock fans, it’s not the rock fans who by and large have embraced dub. That’s gone more into the dance club culture. It makes sense that danceable music would go that way but it makes no sense to me that the rock fans wouldn’t pick up on it as readily. Who knows? Anyway…

There isn’t really much to say today. I’m processing some heavy events and some heavy near-events of the last few months. It doesn’t make sense to even get into the specifics until it’s sorted out in my head. They mostly only effect me indirectly anyway. People around me are coming apart of the seams and for the moment I’m steady strolling straight up the middle, helping where I can and pushing off where I can’t. Sometimes it’s just easier to sit on the sides of the dance and watch and listen to the music. You don’t always have to be out there on the floor shaking your stuff and showing off, so to speak. Cool and steady and easy. That’s where you’ll find me, off to the side watching, or headed for the door.

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