Post-Pandemic Radio: Oldies but Goldies Turkish Mix1 (2018 YouTube Mix)

Man, it’s probably way to soon to be calling anything post-pandemic but Radio Quarantine was starting to ring a little hollow. My Fortress of Solitude was breeched, or rather the doors were thrown open. I’m vaccinated and out and about and even eating in restaurants. It’s all just different. The vibe has changed. The mood is… well it’s 2021, isn’t it? Everyone is out and trying to figure out exactly what all this is going to look like.

All this…

All this is going to need a soundtrack so let’s just call it while the coin is in the air. Heads or tails, for now it’s Post-Pandemic Radio. We’re in Turkey. It’s a strange mix. It’s old world and new world and in-between world.



I’m still feeling doped and dull. It’s nearly a week home from the hospital after a bout of acute appendicitis sent me screaming to the emergency room. When? It’s two Sundays ago now. The short story, and it’s not flowery, is that my appendix became infected and seasoned, leathery old thing that it was, rather than burst send infection back into my intestines and other internal bits. I was really sick.

That’s the short story. There’s so much more that could be said but it’s not really necessary. There were no big insights drawn from it. I’m not going to wax poetic about mortality and all that. It wasn’t any kind of a wake up call. I can say that there was a moment where I did ask myself… bruh… if this is finally “it” is there anything still outstanding? Debts? You still need to make shit right with someone?

Nah, I’m good, thanks. I would prefer not to go any time soon but should this be the time, I’m clean.

I’m clean.

I do want to write something at some point about the gratitude for people on my life who paused their own lives to take care of me. A few friends, my sons and so on… I’m a lucky man. Did I know that already? I’m not sure, but I know now.


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