Pandemic Radio: Machine Girl – 5 Hour Playlist/Mega Mix (2017 Youtube Mix)

Still stuck on MACHINE GIRL for now… It’s a mood. A vibe? Whatever it is the internetz kidz say is what it is. It works.

Still out of the groove here back in Brooklyn. Something isn’t quite right but it could be just as simple as everything being backed up. I was talking a few months ago about how things were on the brink of change and maybe this as simple as that old phenomenon where you never need to be so badly until you’re right outside the bathroom door. Things are definitely changing but it doesn’t seem like it’s fast enough. Everything from today seems like an anchor holding me back from tomorrow.

Does that make sense?

It does it my head and who is reading this anyway? It only has to make sense to me.

My health is still far less than 100% and that’s what I’m going with because I’m not going to accept that this physical funk is the new normal. No matter what I eat or how much or however frequently or infrequently, I feel most of the time like I’m in that H.A.L.T state, firmly stuck on H. Perhaps not most of the time but enough so that it’s significant. What’s the word? Hangry… Lagging and pissed off. Maybe that can be addressed. It’s definitely cast a shadow over everything else, for example I don’t know if I’m unhappy with work or whatnot or if it’s just that sense of hopeless exhaustion and frustration. Make no major decisions while in H.A.L.T. Don’t do it.

We shall see.

We shall see.

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