Pandemic Radio: Saskia – Eeuwig Op Reis (1980’s Holland, Ambient/Minimal Synth/Electronic)

Eeuwig Op Reis, according to the notes, means something like “endlessly in transit” or “perpetual travel.” I feel that for sure, and not just in the music. I felt it before the music and maybe that’s why it resonates this morning. Conversely, I can feel perpetually trapped in one spot in between one significant place and another, but that’s another conversation for another time. In the meantime, there is Saskia here this morning and she’s reached back out of history to run this moment in the present.

It’s just after 6am. I’ve eaten a little but remain unsatisfied. The coffee isn’t kicking in yet and it may not. There are mornings where nothing works. Last night was a wash. I came home from work with plans to do a few things but then I sat down for a moment at about 8 and lo, it was 2:30 only five minutes later. Sleep came like a bullet, and that was that. There have been more satisfying sleeps. There have been sleeps with fewer somnambulist trips to the bathroom.

I’m restless.

I need to get this sorted out.

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