Pandemic Radio: Front 242 – No Comment (1984)


I was returning to school at this time in 1984, for one final semester of studies to wrap up some loose ends. I suppose I could have completed everything soon but there didn’t seem to be much point in moving onward with things being that I’d no clue at all of what might come next.

It was a strange year for academia and particularly for the Liberal Arts colleges. There was a lot of attention being paid to Orwellian “prophecy” and where everything stood in relation to that. Yes, the word prophecy belongs in quotes, 1984, as a novel, had been held in high regard as the most possibly trajectory for the future, but I’d argue that we’re not even close. We were promised hyper-order and control, and what we got is chaos presided over by hysterical old white men, and so forth. It’s more evident than ever that the people we’ve elected to run this whole shit show are nowhere nearly intelligent enough to create a 1984 scenario, let alone to sustain it. There are some tragically stupid people in charge down there in Washington DC. It’s a wonder half of them remember to breathe.

Anyway… Enough of that rant.

I can’t say that Front 242 was on my radar in 1984 when No Comment was released. I do remember the name and the album covers, but beyond that it’s questionable . Damn shame, really. I don’t know that Orwell was on their radar when they created this. I only mentioned the book because the title shares the release date of the album.

What am I carrying on about? This is all over the place. Just listen to the fucking music.

More later, maybe. A heavy funk descended yesterday afternoon, foretelling the inevitable, blinding headache. That’s where things are right now. It’s just about endurance right now.

Get through.

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